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Venezuela political developments

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  • Vice President Elias Jaua also reasserted his refusal to assume the presidential role while Chavez is in Havana undergoing treatment for cancer, saying that there was no such need.

  • Venezuela´s finance and planning minister, Jorge Giordani, assures that Chavez will run for president in 2012.

  • The wife of a jailed government opponent in Venezuela says her husband has been granted parole more than a year after he was arrested on charges of hiding explosives in his home. Alejandro Pena Esclusa has said he needs to undergo cancer treatment. The court's decision to grant him parole comes four days after President Hugo Chavez urged authorities to allow house arrest for inmates with serious health problems.

  • Supreme cancelled lawsuit against the governor of Miranda, Henrique Capriles Radonski.

  • Maria Corina Machado launched her candidacy to be the first woman as President of Venezuela.

  • Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez appeared at a rally before hundreds of supporters in a Caracas plaza on Thursday, telling them cancer has become one of the biggest battles of his life.

  • Chavez wore fatigues and the red beret from his days as an army paratroop commander. He raised the flag over Plaza Bolivar while the national anthem was played. "I'm facing one of the biggest battles of my life," Chavez told the crowd. "With the grace of God we will also win it."

  • Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez arrived in Cuba July 16, accompanied by his daughter Maria.

  • Chavez from Havana says he is fighting for life.


  • Chavez approved the law of fair cost and pruce that us supposed to correct speculation. The agency that will regulate such prices will be created in October. However, in August we will see some developments of it as the govt may already attack some producers that in their opinion are having large profit margins even though the regulatory agency may start functioning only in October.

  • Unemployment rate rose to 8.6% in June, says the national institute of statistics.

  • Venezuela's economy expected to grow 4% in the second quarter.

  • In the first half of 2011, central government expenses recorded a 3.8% growth. Such behavior, according to analysts, will continue in the second half. Venezuela's President Hugo Chávez, in a council of ministers, showed the trend towards public spending. In authorizing the issuance of funds for projects, he emphasized that several sources were being used. And, the Head of State added, the "little ledger" was being reviewed in search of alternatives.

  • Chavez announced the transfer of USD 1.5 billion from the international reserves to the national development fund (FONDEN)


  • Unemployment rate rose to 8.6% in June, says the national institute of statistics.

  • Venezuela´s national assembly approved the law of rational and efficient use of energy. This law will allow the govt to give incentives to consumers that reduce their energy consumption as well as punish those who spend more energy. There were already some protests against this law in Venezuela.
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Venezuela political developments

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