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The impacts of SOX and SEC investigation on the corporate governance of option backdating firms

Pages 205-212

Jui-Chin Chang, Alex P. Tang, Victoria Krivogorsky
The differential CEO dominance–compensation and corporate governance–compensation relations: Pre- and post-SOX

Pages 213-222

Anna M. Cianci, Guy D. Fernando, Edward M. Werner
Corporate governance and environmental performance and disclosures

Pages 223-232

Yu Cong, Martin Freedman
An empirical examination of the impact of the Sarbanes Oxley Act in the reduction of pension expense manipulation

Pages 233-241

Paula Diane Parker, Nancy J. Swanson, Michael T. Dugan
The impact of meeting or beating analysts' operating cash flow forecasts on a firm's cost of debt
Pages 242-255

Christopher T. Edmonds, Jennifer E. Edmonds, John J. Maher

Environmental uncertainty and the market pricing of earnings smoothness
Pages 256-265
Ahsan Habib, Mahmud Hossain, Haiyan Jiang
The relations among competition, delegation, management accounting systems change and performance: A path model

Pages 266-277

Zahirul Hoque
Investor valuations of suppliers' major customer disclosures

Pages 278-285

Mark Kohlbeck
Nonfinancial and financial performance measures: How do they affect employee role clarity and performance?

Pages 286-293

Chong M. Lau
Investment appeal of small growth stocks

Pages 308-317

Akhilesh Chandra, Alan Reinstein
What happened to the class of Year 2000: Examining their research and employment records

Pages 318-324

James R. Hasselback, Alan Reinstein
Development of and student reactions to an international consolidation case problem

Pages 325-330

Stanley H. Kratchman, L. Murphy Smith
Civil war, stock return, and intellectual capital disclosure in Sri Lanka

Pages 331-337

Indra Abeysekera
Voluntary disclosure practices amongst listed companies in Nigeria

Pages 338-345

Ismail Adelopo
Accounting earnings response coefficient: An extension to banking shares in Asia Pacific countries

Pages 346-354

Mohamed Ariff, Fan Fah Cheng
Considerations on the subject of lease accounting

Pages 355-365

Giulia De Martino
The impact of government ownership on dividend policy in China

Pages 366-372

Xi Wang, David Manry, Scott Wandler
“Holier-than-thou” perception bias among professional accountants: A cross-cultural study

Pages 373-381

Chris Patel, Brian R. Millanta
Effects of exposure to the International Education Standards on perceived importance of the global harmonization of accounting education among Japanese accounting academics

Pages 382-389

Satoshi Sugahara, Greg Boland
Transition to IFRS and compliance with mandatory disclosure requirements: What is the signal?
Pages 390-405

Ioannis Tsalavoutas

IT governance: Objectives and assurances in internet banking

Pages 406-414

Shi-Ming Huang, Wei-Cheng Shen, David C. Yen, Ling-Yi Chou

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