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    Jean Schmalz Elementary

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    Jean & Betty Schmalz Elementary

    Parent Involvement Policy 2016-2017

    In order to guarantee student success, partnerships among schools and parents are essential. Teacher and parent collaboration along with parental support is critical in our efforts to provide a quality education for our students.

    Schmalz Elementary will provide an assessment calendar at the beginning of the school year. Parents are encouraged to visit the Katy Independent School District Website at www.katyisd.org to locate grade level objectives. Students in need of reading, science or math intervention will have access to programs such as, Academic Support or Title I.

    Schmalz Elementary will make every effort to include parents in the development, evaluation, and revision of the Title I Program and the Parental Involvement Policy. In order to maximize the success of our students, the following programs are planned to involve our parents.

    • Meet the Teacher – Schmalz Elementary hosts this event prior to the first day of school. This enables parents and children to locate their classroom, tour the building, meet their teacher and begin developing a supportive partnership of learning.

    • Orientation Night – All parents are encouraged to attend this meeting, which is presented in English and Spanish, in which teachers inform parents of grade level curriculum, expectations, classroom routines, and parent involvement opportunities. Parents are also informed of the school’s participation in Title I.

    Schmalz Elementary School offers the following meetings and programs at various times to meet the needs of our parents.

    • Schmalz Volunteer Workroom – The workroom is open on a daily basis and provides parents with the opportunity to work in cooperation with other parents on classroom and school wide projects. Parent resources such as a parent library is available in the parent workroom. Parents are encouraged to utilize the workroom as well as pick up projects to complete at home if they are not able to be at school during regular business hours.

    • Family Nights – These evening events provide parents with information and ideas for supporting their child at home and at school in academic areas. Several parent events are available in both English and Spanish. Parents, students, and staff work together on various skills. Example topics include:

    Academic Family Nights/TEK study for parents (Reading, Writing, and Math Workshop)

    Grade level curriculum night

    CATCH night

    • Coffee Chats – These events provides an opportunity for parents to meet with administrators and other staff to discuss school related topics in an informal setting.

    • Junior Achievement – This volunteer program provides the opportunity for parents and community to come together to change students’ lives in grades Kindergarten through 5th, by helping them understand business and economics.

    • Keep Encouraging Youth Toward Success (KEYS) – This is a mentoring program designed to help parent and community mentors target specific skills with selected students.

    • Title I Public Meeting – This is an annual district meeting that Title I parents are encouraged to attend to review the Title I program.

    • Parent Teacher Association (PTA) – The PTA offers various opportunities for parents to become involved in the school such as fundraising, volunteering at school events, or in the classroom.

    • Volunteers In Public Schools (VIPS) - This program coordinates volunteer activities for parents and community members at the school.

    Schmalz Elementary School uses the following communication methods to provide parents with timely information about school events, programs, curriculum, and student progress. Parents are notified of school events through flyers, e-news, school website, text messages, social media, and the phone master system.

    • Campus Advisory Team – This team consists of teachers, administrators, parents, community members, and business partners who gather to address school concerns, assist in creating and reviewing the Title 1 parent involvement policy and compact, and assist in writing, revising, and evaluating the Campus Improvement Plan.

    • Language Translation – Communication is sent home to parents in English and Spanish.

    • School Web Page – This is a comprehensive look at the school in general as well as special events happening throughout the school year. It can be accessed through www.katyisd.org.

    • Tuesday Folders - Every Tuesday students in grade PK- 5 bring home a packet of information to parents. In the packet parents are provided with student work and behavior information from the previous week.

    • Parent/Teacher Conferences – Conferences are held by the request of a parent or a teacher to discuss the student.

    • Parent Surveys – Surveys are sent and completed electronically by parents in April to provide the campus with input regarding the Title I program.

    • Report Cards - Teachers communicate to parents approximately every 9 weeks through a report card. The report cards will show the student’s grade in all academic subjects along with a grade for behavior and work habits.

    • Progress Reports - The progress report notifies a parent if a student is in danger of failing the 9 weeks.

    • Parent Compact - The Parent Compact is reviewed yearly. It is an outline of how parents, campus staff, and students share responsibility for improved student achievement.

    One percent of the Title I budget is set aside for the purpose of parental involvement. With strong parent involvement, Schmalz Elementary’s commitment to the success of students will be achieved. Annually we will work together with parents to monitor the effectiveness of our parental involvement and Title I Program. Schmalz Elementary Parental Involvement policy will be promoted by the administrators, principals, and other school staff as we seek active participation by our parents.

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