• Signature of Doctor/Physician: ________________________ Seal of Clinic/Hospital: ______________________IMPORTANT NOTICE
  • PART – II
  • (For official use only)
  • Recommendation by HOM

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    Government of india





    (Application for the courses fully funded by the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India)
    Please read instructions carefully before applying

    3 x 4 cm


    PART- I

    Nationality: ___________________

    Institute : ____________________________

    Name of Course: _______________________________

    Commencing :

    From _____________ to ____________


    1. Personal Particulars



    Sex (tick one):


    Marital Status:

    Date of Birth:

    Date - Month - Year

    Passport No.:-

    __________________ Date & Place of issue :- _______________________________ Valid till :- __________________




    Tel Nos.

    Mobile/Cell :

    Fax :

    E-mail :

    Special dietary needs, if any :

    Person(s) to be notified in case of Emergency

    Official Contact

    Personal / Family Contact

    Name :


    Tel Nos:

    Mobile /Cell :



    Educational Qualification/(s)

    Degree / Diploma / Certificates


    Name of Educational Institute


    Professional Qualification(s), if any:

    irdProfessional Qualification (s)


    Name of Institute


    2. Details of Employment/Profession (current & previous)

    Name of Employer / Department / Company



    Description of Work

    Are you an employee of: (Mark appropriate box)

    a. Government □

    b. Semi-government/Parastatal □

    c. Private company □

    d. Self-employed □

    e. Others □

    Details of present employer :

    Name / address :

    Tel. No. :

    E-mail :

    3. Have you ever attended a course sponsored by the Government of India? (Mark one)



    (i) If answer to 3 is yes, details of the Course ________________________________

    4. Details of Course(s) attended, if any, outside your country:


    Course Details & Duration



    5. Please describe in your own words (about 100 words):

    (a) qualification/experience in the related to the course applied for; &

    (b) reason (s) for applying for this training course.

    6. Certification of English language proficiency (by Indian Mission/Designated Authority)






    Mother tongue / Native language: _______________________ / Other language(s), if any :___________________

    English Language test administered by:

    Name & Address :



    Tel. Number : ______________________

    E-mail : ___________________________
    Signature with date : _________________

    (To be certified by a doctor/hospital on the panel of the Indian Mission, UN Mission, if any or as designated by Indian Mission)

    (i) Name of Applicant:

    (ii) Age:

    (iii) Sex: (Male / Female)

    (iv) Height (cm):

    (v) Weight (kg):

    (vi) Blood Group:

    (vii)Blood Pressure:

    1. Is the person examined in good health at

    present ?

    2. Is the person examined physically and mentally

    able to carry out intensive training away from home?

    3. Is the person free of infectious diseases (HIV/AIDS,

    tuberculosis, trachoma, skin diseases etc), Yellow fever

    certificate (in case of people coming from that region or as laid out in WHO Regulations).

    4. Does the person examined has any medical condition or defect which might require treatment during the course ?

    5. List of any observed abnormalities indicated in the chest X ray.

    I certify that the applicant is medically fit to undertake a training course in India.

    Name of Doctor/Physician: ____________________________________________________________________
    Registration No.: ___________________________________________________________________________
    Address of Clinic / Hospital _____________________________________________________________________
    and City / Town : _____________________________________________________________________________
    Telephone : _________________________________________________________________________________
    E mail: ___________________________________________ Date: ___________________________________

    Signature of Doctor/Physician: ________________________ Seal of Clinic/Hospital: ______________________IMPORTANT NOTICE

    • Please read the form carefully. The application will be automatically rejected if any column is inaccurate, incomplete or blank.

    • Declaration by the candidate and the recommendations from employer, if any, are compulsory pre- requisites.

    • Working knowledge of the English language is a pre-requisite. For English language and language related courses, basic knowledge of English is required.

    • Candidates who leave the course midway for personal reasons without prior permission of the Ministry of External Affairs or remain absent from the programme without sufficient reasons are expected to refund the cost of training and airfare to Government of India.

    • Female candidates are hereby advised that they should not travel to India to attend the course applied for in case they are in family way.


    I, _____________________________________________________________________

    (Name, Middle name, Family name)
    of (country)_________________________________________ certify that information provided by me in this form is true, complete and correct.
    I also certify that :-
    (i) I have read the course brochure and that I am aware of the course contents and living conditions in India *.
    (ii) I have sufficient knowledge of English to participate in the training programme.
    (iii) I am medically fit to participate in the Course and have submitted a medical certificate from the designated doctor.
    (iv) I have not attended any programme previously sponsored by Government of India.
    (v) I have not applied for or am not required to attend any other training course/conference/meeting etc. during the period of the course applied for.
    If accepted for the ITEC / SCAAP training programme, I undertake to:

    1. Comply with the instructions and abide by Rules, Regulations and guidelines as may be stipulated by both the nominating and sponsoring Governments in respect of the training;

    2. Follow the full and complete course of study or training and abide by the Rules of the University/Institution/ Establishment in which I undertake to study or undergo training;

    3. Submit periodic assessments / tests conducted by the Institute (progress report which may be prescribed);

    4. Refrain from engaging in political activity, or any form of employment for profit or gain;

    5. Return to my home country at the end of the course of study or training;

    6. I also fully undertake that if I am granted a training award, it may be subsequently withdrawn if I fail to make adequate progress or for other sufficient cause determined by the host Government.

    For lady participants :- I confirm that I will not travel to India to attend the Course I have applied for if I am in the family way.

    Name: _________________________

    * Details of the course are on the website of the Institute or can be obtained from them by e-mail.

    PART – II

    To be completed by the authorized official of the

    Nominating Government/Employer

    I, ________________________________________________ on behalf of the Government of___________________________________ certify that:

    1. I have examined the educational, professional and other certificates quoted by the nominee in Part – I of this form and I am satisfied that they are authentic and relate to the nominee.

    1. I have gone through the medical certificates and X-ray reports produced by the nominee which state that he/she is medically fit and free from any infectious disease such as HIV/AIDS and Yellow Fever and that having regard to his/her physical and mental history there is no reason to indicate that the nominee is other than fit to undertake the journey to India and to undergo training in India.

    1. The nominee has adequate knowledge of spoken and written English to enable him to follow the course of training for which he/she is being nominated.

    1. The nominee has not availed of ITEC/SCAAP training facilities earlier in India.

    I nominate Mr./Mrs./Miss__________________________________________ on behalf of the Government of___________________________________/as employer.

    Name of Nominating Authority:






    (With seal)

    Name and Designation

    (in block letters)

    Some Guidelines
    Who can apply

     Employees and officials in Government, Private and Public Sector, Parastatals, Universities, Chambers of Commerce and Industry

     Having 5 years minimum work experience

     Applicants who are between the age group of 25 to 45 years.

     Who are medically fit.

    How to apply

     Applications must be submitted in the prescribed ITEC/SCAAP Form to the nodal Government Department/Agency of your country designated to nominate candidates.

     The nodal Department/Agency will in turn forward the applications to the Embassy/High Commission of India.

    Eligibility criteria for admission to courses

     Must have the required academic qualifications as laid down by the Institute for the selected Course.

     Must have working knowledge of English to follow the Course.


    Government of India will bear the following expenses for the selected candidate:

     Return international airfare by excursion/ economy class

     Course fees

     Accommodation – hostel(depending on availability, it could be on single or sharing basis) or hotel in case of non-availability of hostel accommodation.

     Living Allowance @ Rs. 10,000 per month. Candidates are, among other things, expected to meet the expenditure for their meals from this amount.

    General Information

     Applications must reach the Indian Embassy/High Commission no later than 3 months before the commencement of the Course.

     Upon selection, the Embassy/High Commission of India will inform the concerned nodal Department/Agency who will in turn inform the applicant.

     Selected candidates are required to fully familiarize themselves regarding living conditions in India and the Institutes through the websites of the concerned Institute.

     Decision for grant of scholarship rests solely with the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India.
    Contact Address :
    The Joint Secretary

    Technical Cooperation Division, Ministry of External Affairs,

    Government of India, Akbar Bhawan, Chanakyapuri

    New Delhi - 110021, India

    Tel : +91-11-2467 4703, 2688 8783, 2467 4729

    Fax : +91-11-2467 7017, 2688 7294, 2412 1468

    Email : itec.tc@mea.gov.in

    Website : http:// itec.mea.gov.in

    (Not to be circulated to applicants/local agencies)

    PART – III Restricted

    (For official use only)

    Verification by Mission

    Name of the Country : ______________________________________________

    Name of the Nominee: _______________________________________________


    Present Assignment: _________________________________________________
    Employer/Department: _______________________________________________
    Address: ______________________________________________________
    Name of Institute : ___________________________________________________


    Name of the Course : ________________________________________________

    Dates and Duration : From ____________ to _____________ _____________


    Certified that the nominee has been interviewed by HOM / India based dealing officer and found eligible to undertake the course. Also certified that the nominee has not availed of training facilities under ITEC/SCAAP earlier.
    Remarks ( if any ):


    Name & Designation of

    Officer dealing with ITEC/SCAAP in Mission

    Recommendation by HOM

    I hereby recommend Mr. /Mrs. / Ms________________________________________

    for the course under ITEC/SCAAP Programme.


    Name : ………………….

    Date : (HOM/CDA)

    Station : Seal/Stamp

    It is the responsibility of the Indian Mission to ensure that (i) One copy of the form, duly completed in all respects, is forwarded to TC Division, (ii) The form should reach TC Division, Ministry of External Affairs at least three months before commencement of the course (applications received after the deadline will not be accepted).


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