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    Argentina Basic Political Developments

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    Basic Political Developments

    • Argentine Foreign Minister Jorge Taiana said March 3 that the country will present its strong rejection of any territorial trespassing in an extraordinary session of the Organization of American States March 4.

    National Economic Trends

    • The Bolsa of Buenos Aires closed with a gain of 0.07 percent March 4. Argentine debt bonds lost about 1 percent.

    Business, Energy or Environmental regulations or discussions

    • More and more Argentine producers are going to Uruguay to grow soy, says a March 4 report.

    • Meat sector workers are planning a strike March 4 in protest of an imminent closure of the meat export registry.

    • US senators from Western ranching states have issued an objection to a plan from the Department of Agriculture that would ease restrictions on beef and lamb imports from Argentina, according to a March 3 report. The legislators contend that Argentine meat is dangerous because of outbreaks of foot and mouth disease in the South American country. There has been no response from Argentina, but meat products are one of the country’s chief exports.

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    Argentina Basic Political Developments

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